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Casting Call


Who we are looking for


We are currently looking for married, unmarried, domestic partners, or those who are in "it's complicated" situations. You can expect to discuss how you manage money as a couple, what challenges you face, what questions you are afraid to ask, and other hard hitting questions. 

  • Spots available:  3 couples

Unmarried Woman 

We are looking for an unmarried woman between the age of 25 and 35 who wants financial planning help and is willing to chronicle her financial journey on the show. Helen will provide her with financial coaching and one-on-one guidance, showcasing how she her relationship with money evolves over a one year time period.

  • Spots available: 1 individual who will commit for 12 consecutive months

Woman wanting to start her own business

We want to interview a woman who is interested in starting a business but has been hesitant to do so. We want to know what is truly holding you back.

  • Spots available: 2 individuals

Estate Planning attorney

We want to speak with estate planning experts who are well versed in probate law and the death tax.

  • Spots available: 2 individuals