Ep 8: Believe That You Deserve To Make More Money

“ When your finances get in the way of you being able to offer your gifts to the world, that is no longer serving YOU.” - Molly Freeman

Why is it hard for many of us to talk about how much money we make? Are we afraid to try to put a number on how much we're "worth"?

Maybe we're fearful others may judge us. Or maybe we're unsure of what we deserve?

My guest, Molly Freeman, and I discuss why suffering financially hinders your creativity and how it can limit what gifts you are able to put out into the world. She shares why she got sick and tired (physically) of being broke and how she derived a pricing model for her business that allows her to be a financially thriving artist today.

Molly is a lead example of what being unapologetic about what she deserves really looks like and how it can positively manifest itself financially.


  • Why wanting to make more money for yourself is not a bad thing

  • The need for price transparency in any industry, not just art

  • The importance of taking breaks to stay creative

  • How the “starving artist” mentality can limit your creativity

  • How to price your services

  • How money can buy you more freedom of your time

GUEST: Molly Freeman

HOSTED BY: Helen Ngo


  • Music by Muciscal_Chef
  • Track title: “Motivational Happy”
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