Ep. 12: Finding Personal Growth From Sidetracking In Life

“It wasn’t part of my dream. It was part of other people’s dreams. So I was really unhappy with myself.” - Chef Andrea Strauss

Have you ever been worried that you’d be judged if you pursue another career or job that’s outside of your college major or original career path? How would you perceive someone who’s a photographer, doula, restaurant owner, William Sonoma employee, and celebrity chef?

Well, that’s Andrea Strauss. She’s filled all those shoes, sometimes simultaneously. On the surface, you may judge her for “not knowing who she is and that she’s just bouncing around job-to-job. Quite the contrary. She knows exactly who she is. Exactly what she wants. And is happy with herself.

Why? Because she doesn’t listen to anyone’s opinion about what her life should look like.

But this attitude did not come easily nor happen overnight.

In this episode, Andrea shares how she’s learned to listen more to her inner voice in deciding what opportunities to pursue or leave on the table. She shares how you know when you’ve made the wrong decision and why you have to pivot fast out of that negative mentality to get refocused on your true purpose and get to what really makes you happiest.

GUEST:  Chef Andrea Strauss




  • Music by Muciscal_Chef
  • Track title: “Motivational Happy”


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