Episode 22: Winning In Life By Doing the Unexpected

“I realized I needed to define success for myself, not for someone else.” Awilda Rivera

You ever thought to yourself: what would happen if I did something else?

Something that you weren’t trained to do in school or use your degree.

Perhaps we set those ideas and dreams to the back burner because we’re afraid of being judged by others. Perhaps we will even judge ourselves for being financially irresponsible.

In this episode, you’ll meet Awilda Rivera. She went into $100k+ of student loan debt to earn her law degree and ended up not even using it. Instead, she became a Yogi and Spiritual Advisor.

 In my book, that’s pretty damn bold considering the level of financial risks involved.

 What we tackle in this episode:

  • Why she left her legal degree behind to pursue what she’s truly interested in

  • How she started a business from scratch, even with $100k+ of student loan debt

  • How she bridges passion and purpose

  • The 6 essential tools to define your own success

 GUESTS: Awilda Rivera

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HOSTED BY: Helen Ngo



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