Episode 23: Designing and Living the Life You Want

“I’m just going to figure it out and live the life I want.” Kim Bennett

How do you choose the kind of life you want and then design how you’re going to live it? Where do we even begin to answer that?

Kim Bennett and I address both simultaneously in this episode.

Our answer: examining our personal failures.

In life, we have to fail in order to know what we want, what we’re good at, and what we need to design our own lives -- and do it with intention.

 What we tackle in this episode:

  • How to capitalize on setbacks & failures turn them into opportunities

  • How to design your career around the life you want to live

  • When to know you have succeeded

  • How to embrace daily setbacks and mistakes

GUEST: Kim Bennett

HOSTED BY: Helen Ngo



Music by Muciscal_Chef

Track title: “Motivational Happy”

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