Ep 7: Having A Life Outside Your Family and Work

“I have to use my time very wisely. I have to prioritize time for myself in order to maintain my sanity.” - Kristine Fletcher

There’s this notion that your career needs to happen first before you have a family of your own. But, Kristine Fletcher, a divorce attorney, says otherwise. Life is not so linear, and she proves that you can simultaneously have a family and a growing career, all while maintaining her own identity as a financially independent woman and thinker who makes time for herself outside her family and work.


  • The importance of trying new things

  • It’s okay to not always know what you want

  • How to talk about money with your significant other

  • How to prioritize work, family, friends, and exercise and make it your own

  • Flexibility that comes with owning your own business

GUEST: Kristine Fletcher

HOSTED BY: Helen Ngo


  • Music by Muciscal_Chef
  • Track title: “Motivational Happy”
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